CT Civil has the following three corporate objectives:

  1. Achieve sustainable profitability

  2. Grow the value of the business assets of shareholders, alliance partners and customers

  3. Build a future we all look forward too

The first two objectives are economic, the third social. Thinking in the context of these three objectives allows a wider set of outcomes beyond the economic to be achieved. Social, cultural and environmental outcomes are just as important if we want to build a future we all look forward to.

Respect, Relationship and Response are all required to help achieve three corporate objectives.​

Demonstrated evidence of how CT Civil delivers in the context these objectives and actions includes:

  • CT Civil taking proactive steps to work with clients to ensure that the best infrastructure installation method is chosen. The earlier our involvement in the design process the better. This may or may not result in the use of HDD. We only want to do projects that will be successful and optimise outcomes for the client, other stakeholders, CT Civil and the HDD industry as a whole. This “pay it forward” approach builds up Respect between parties and allows CT Civil to become a trusted partner to its clients.

  • CT Civil working collaboratively with clients to address challenges on projects to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome in all the circumstances. Relationships are more important than short-term transactional “wins”.

  • CT Civil developing strong working relationships with multiple providers across the HDD supply chain. Our Corporate Profile and Capability Statement (click here) provides details on several of these relationships including Maxibor and HDD Engineering. The relationship with these other players in the HDD industry is more than just transactional, it is about facilitating opportunity for innovation and better outcomes.

  • CT Civil is playing a key role in the development of the HDD industry through its involvement in the Australasian Trenchless Technology Society. It is a supporter of industry events as part of its contribution to share knowledge across all stakeholders involved in the industry. It is a contributor to a group of stakeholders examining how the impact of climate change can be mitigated through the increased use of trenchless technology solutions.

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